Wireless Router Recommendations

When looking to purchase a wireless router, we recommend the following models. Note: Arvig MultiWav does not hold any affiliations with these manufacturers and only recommends these options as a convenience to you as a customer.

  100mbps 300mbps 600mbps 1000mbps
  Google Wifi AC1200
  NETGEAR AC1600 Wi-Fi 5
  Tenda AC18    
  TP-Link Archer C1900    
  ASUS RT-AC1900    
  TP-Link Archer C2300
  Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800
  ASUS RT-AC3200+
  ASUS RT-AC5300
  Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000
  Synology RT2600ac














What features should I look for in a Wireless Router?

  • Wireless router only equipment (Modems and Modem/Router combination equipment will not work with our service)
  • Dual Band AC Wireless
  • Gigabit ports (e.g. 10/100/1000mbps)
  • Dual Band AC rating of AC1200 or better recommended for 100mbps
  • Dual Band AC rating of AC1900 or better recommended for 300mbps
  • Dual Band AC rating of AC2600 or better recommended for 600mbps and 1000mbps
    • Look for features such as: MIMO, Wave 2, 4x4, Beamforming
  • We do not recommend the following brands of routers: Belkin, Linksys, D-Link

Wireless Routers can be purchased from many retailers, including the following:

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