Why does my IP Address display the incorrect location?

If you are experiencing issues with a website or service that identifies you to a specific location, such as a streaming video provider that offers local channels and it does not show as the correct market for those local channels, this is related to IP Geolocation services provided by 3rd party databases.

We, as a provider, do not give out your location to any 3rd parties.  Streaming services often use another company (that provides Geolocation services) to determine your location by IP address.  These 3rd party companies do not obtain your location from the ISP (Arvig MultiWav) but instead use various metrics to determine your location.  Often this information can lead to an inaccurate location and it is without any influence or knowledge from your ISP (Arvig MultiWav).

How can I resolve this issue?

1. Contact your streaming provider or website and insist they correct your location data
2. Request a location correction from the 3rd party your streaming provider uses (your streaming provider must disclose this to you; we do not have any way of verifying it from our end)

Here are a few examples of 3rd party companies that you can contact to correct your location data associated with your IP address:






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