Random Disconnects / Performance Issues

Solutions to try before calling Technical Support

Verify there is no known service outage
You can visit our website and search your street address on our Network Status page, this will confirm if there is an known outage at your location.

Power cycle your wireless router
Some issues can simply be resolved by powering off your router and powering it back on.

Bypass your wireless router
To ensure your router is not the cause of your issues, we recommend to do the following:

1. Disconnect your router from the Ethernet cable that is plugged into our wall jack.
2. Wait 10 minutes.
3. Connect your computer directly to the Ethernet cable and see if your issue persists when not using your router.

If there is still an issue, please call us to troubleshoot. If there is not an issue, you will need to troubleshoot your wireless router (see below).

Ensure your wireless router is up to date
Outdated wireless router firmware (software) is often the cause of internet performance issues. Even brand new routers may need to be updated if the manufacturer released an update after the router was shipped.

You can find instructions for updating your router's firmware by visiting the router manufacturer's website and searching their Support section.

Here are a few examples:

Contact your wireless router manufacturer
If you have verified that there is an issue with your router and the firmware is up to date, you may have defective equipment. Most wireless routers carry a 1yr manufacturer’s warranty, but you will need to contact them directly. If you are outside of your warranty, you may need to purchase a new wireless router.

Test your speed on all devices
When testing speeds, please use the following websites to ensure reliable results (Only these sites will sufficiently test 600mbps or 1000mbps service tiers):

To get accurate results, please ensure your browser does not have multiple tabs open and that your computer/device does not have programs running in the background.


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